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Audiological Assessments - Adults and Children

Full medical history, video ear examination and Hearing/Tinnitus Questionnaires.

Hearing and Tinnitus evaluation including speech recognition, speech in noise tests, middle and inner ear function tests. Treatment plan formulation and/or onward referral (if required)

Adult £150-£180

Child £100-£150


Wax and foreign body removal
Age 8+

Using a range of methods including microsuction under microscope and in an clean, safe clinical environment. Painless and quick relief from ear blockages

One ear £50 / Both ears £85

£25 examination fee where no wax found


Comprehensive Balance and Dizziness Assessment 

With access to some the most advanced diagnostic equipment, you will have a detailed assessment to find the potential cause and a treatment plan or referral to an ENT specialist will be formulated. Some types of vertigo can even be treated and resolved during your visit!



Ear and Hearing Protection 

A range of speciality custom made solutions to provide the protection you need without compromising how well you hear speech  

£70-£130 per pair (dependant upon intended use)


Hearing Instrument Packages 

A wide range of technology levels and designed to suit your needs and budget. competitively priced and with fully comprehensive prescription verification and after-care
£2500 - £3900 per pair


Occupational Screening 

Surveillance, Monitoring and screening for those working in high risk or noisy environments

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